We are specialists from several medium-sized companies in the rubber industry. We offer a diverse and innovative portfolio of products and services.

With this platform we pursue our vision to develop elastic products and services with you and for you.

Your partners are:

Each company is highly specialized. Our products are used in various industries such as electronic and automotive industry, machinery and plant engineering, pharmaceutical industry or medicine technology.

Rubber partner offers an excellent material and product diversity.

The portal records the individual customer requirements. Afterwards the information is passed on to the responsible person. Hence individual single solutions as well as complete solutions can be offered in time.

Our constant aim is to use our know-how for improvements of products, as well as production and service processes.

Find out more information about current product developments in our newsletter. Furthermore Rubber TV provides an insight into the minds behind Rubber partner as well as updated professional information.

With the representation of the Rubber partner product portfolio an overview of core competencies of specialists in the elastic processing can be given.

Find your application in the lists on the left side.

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